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Introducing Your Health Matters, LLC

I have been in business as an indoor air quality professional since January 2005. I have done hundreds of mold inspections and indoor air quality samplings since then. In addition to my training, I bring years of experience to each inspection I do.

I was trained and certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) as a mold inspector (CMI) and as an indoor environmental adviser (CIEA).

My focus always is beyond what mold is present and the degree of contamination. I strive to identify why the mold contamination occurred, what must be done to address it, and what must be corrected to ensure it does not reoccur. Sometimes this is obvious, such as with a plumbing leak or basement flooding. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious, such as an AC duct in a wall cavity that’s cooling the wall, resulting in condensation and subsequent mold growth.

For sample analysis I use an independent AIHA accredited laboratory. Sample turnaround time typically is two days.

I provide my client with a cover report highlighting the finding of the lab’s analysis of the samples and noting my observations and recommendations on what must be done to address the contamination and to prevent future contamination.

I look forward to being your mold problem solver!

Bill Gieske

Owner, Your Health Matters, LLC

Our Services

Mold Inspection

Mold inspections start with an assessment interview. We start with an understanding of what prompted your interest or request for a mold inspection. What concerns do you have about the possible mold contamination in your home, business or work place?

Mold Testing

Mold testing is another of the services I offer. Often this is done as post remediation air sampling. When mold contamination is extensive, it is advisable to have a trained remediation professional address this.

Mold Prevention

A variety of products are available to prevent or minimize the likelihood of mold growth in homes and offices. Other factors may need to be addressed to ensure mold growth will not occur. Please contact me for more information.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

There are many reasons it makes sense to test your home’s air for chemical pollutants that can affect your health and well-being and that of your family. You may feel sick at home, but feel better when you’re at work or outside.

Informational Talks

I am an educator at heart. When I’m doing a mold / indoor air quality inspection, I do my best to inform my clients about what’s going on in their indoor environment. I want my clients to be educated consumers.


Below is a list of resources we have assembled to assist you in making the most informed decisions possible regarding your mold problem and indoor air quality issues. If you have any questions about these materials feel free to contact me.

What customers say about us

Bill was prompt, courteous, thorough, and patient. He also explained everything clearly. I was particularly impressed that he was as clear in explaining the problems that we do NOT have as in discussing things we might be concerned about. Most of what he recommended isn’t work that he does, and he provided specific, helpful advice about how to do things ourselves and who we might call if we don’t want to do them.

Carolynn V.Bethlehem, PA

Bill reviewed the concerns I had relative to a condensation issue with a dehumidification system’s ductwork. He climbed into the attic and spent almost a half an hour examining and taking pictures of the installed ductwork. He uncovered the problem and then recommended a very economical and feasible multi-stage solution. He is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with as he explains everything in layman’s terms. His fees are very reasonable.

Spencer P.Zionsville, PA

My husband and I were very impressed with Bill’s professionalism and excellent customer service. Bill is very knowledgeable and took his time with us. He provided alternative solutions and explained the inspection process in detail. After he saw the entire house and listened to what we had to say, he took four air samples, three in the house and one outside. A few days later, Bill sent an e-mail with the test results from the lab and an explanation of the results in a more understandable language. He also sent detailed explanations of our specific situation and provided different solutions to the mold problem we have in our house. Clearly he spent a lot of time writing all these emails and helping us to understand better what needs to be done. Selecting “Your Health Matters LLC” was a wise choice and we recommend their service without any doubt.

Anca M.Jim Thorpe, PA